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Name 10 drugs you want to try!!!
only 10? I got like a million of drugs which I am willing to try and still didn't have enough luck to put my hands on
2.pure extract of myristicin (ice-shocked a few times)
4.amanita muscaria
5.salvia (I know that I can order it by the internet but I live with my parents)
6.syrian rue
8.mimosa hostilis
10.pure mescaline (cactus taste awful - pure extracts are better)
"Drugs are bad, mkay?" - mr. Mackey
1. LSA
2. Mescaline - Eventually
3. Ayahuasca

Those are the only ones I seem to be interested in.

I dont really want to try any other drugs than acid - I dont need to. I do want to have more experiences on mushies and cactus though.
1. 2c-b
2. Methylone/Mephedrone
3. Heroine
4. PCP

Those are the drugs left on my wanted list. For the heroine there's no haste because I'm not very excited about downers. But let's say I'll give it a try as soon as peace returns in Afghanistan Wink
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1. DMT
2. Mescaline
3.2cb(i think its called this, i might of done a mix of mdma and this once but that was unknowingly)
4. finally i wanna completely lose it and be in a different world
We are dreamers.
Night time insanity screamers.
Torland Psychonauts
Fentanyl is awesome i was getting surgeon and got the fentanyl about 10mins before they knocked me out, I had a toe tag with my info. You get the distinct impression that your dead when your surgeon comes in with all the nurses they lift you foot then wheel you into the corner for ten minutes.

1 2CB - Analogues
2. DOB - Analogues
3. MDA
4. A conversation night with 30 mcg of LSD + 80 MDMA + opium mixed with normal weed
5. Datura alkaloids
6. Psilocybes
7. Isolate nutmeg
8. Mescaline
9. Stillnox + amphetamine
10. Proper nitrous (med supervision)

Sorry a random question for whoever reads this:

How long would it take for you to give out your research chem provider?

Since i'm no longer interested in opiates and my list has changed having tried some of my 10 favs. heres my new list

3Big GrinMT
4Big GrinOx

euuuuurm, will update when i think of more...
* Ketamin
* Mushrooms
* 2CB
* Pure DXM powder
* Pure MDMA
* Pure Amphetamins
* Trychlo
* Black Bombay :twisted:
01 geek azerty en vaut 10.
Accessoirement, mon meilleur dealer se trouve être aussi mon pharmacien... :twisted:
Im only intrested in natural substances

San pedro (mescaline)
Ayahuasca (dmt)
amanita muscaria
psilocybe mushrooms (did it,.. but not a full dose)
Salvia (did it,..with leaves,..no effects.. so extracts here i come)
LSA seeds (did HBWR,... morning glory on todo list)
In no order of preference:

1. Ayahuasca
2. Kratom
3. Peyote Cactus
4. San Pedro Cactus
5. Salvia Divinorum
6. Amanita muscaria
7. Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds
8. Morning glory
9. Ecstacy
10. Heroin, when I'm about to die (?).

And the list is open to almost any psy-stuff.

edit: not anymore Necridous :B.
umm Jenkem?? the fake thing that was an internet fad???

It just sounds so unique (no pun intended 8) )
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4 aco DET
Kratom Extract
*Real* opium (I guarantee most who think they got opium got the dhoop)
crystal DXM
ganesha wafers
heroin (insuff)
psilocybe azurescens

Soooooooo many more...
dob [ yeah fucking right...]
ayahuasca in the brazilian.
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sadhak a écrit :4.amanita muscaria

They'll do nothing to you. You want Amanita Pantherina, which'll blow your socks off.

"The European Panther contains ibotenic acid and muscimol, it is used as an entheogen much less often than the related Amanita muscaria because of the extremely high levels of these compounds found in the mushroom. They are however sometimes dried or cooked at a low temperature and ingested. [3]"

And the trip is nothing like Psilocybe, it's more like your memory is stuck in a loop for three hours. The girl I took them got fairly upset. I thought I was dying and found it interesting. I've already answered questions about the differences between the two when replying to someone else, so here's the report;

I've tried a lot of Amanitas. I once picked an entire back pack of them while I was out looking for psilocybe. I found no psilocybe. Big Grin

After drying, my friend and I had 17 / 18g of fine, dry powder in warm water and sat back watching a film. Neither of us felt anything. I was particularly surprised that I didn't even feel nausea, let alone anything else.

My friend has had Amanita from two other different sources and said they were both the same as the quite large amount he and I had tried. He also gave some to two other friends who said something similar.

Quite impressive considering how lethally toxic I hear they are - I have had more than one university lecturer tell me in the past they're lethal.

Pantharinas look similar (brown in place of red), but there was a huge, huge difference even when we were taking less. There was a slight amount of nausea, but nothing compared to things like mescaline cactus or even a good amount of psilocybe.

The effects were clear, they were almost debilitating in the level of confusion they caused. It was nothing at all like psilocybe. There weren't any hallucinations in the stereotypical sense (distortions, patterns, colors, synthesisia, changes in sounds).

The best way I can describe it was as if my memory had gone into a randomized loop. At first, it was as if the last five seconds of everything would loop a few times and it'd be hard keeping track of the newest thing someone had said. I could almost see my vision wipe from top to bottom and repeat - but I wasn't seeing it visually, it was happening in my memory. As time was split up into random length pieces in my memory and then shuffled like a deck of cards, spending random amounts of time on each card.

It got stronger quickly, I couldn't tell if I was thinking about something someone had just asked me, or said half an hour ago.

When I got up to leave the room and go to the toilet, I stood in the toilet for a few minutes convinced I was still lying on my bed.

The effects quickly produced the sensation of not being able to trust what was happening, a serious distrust in the reliability of time and events.

I should say that with this particular experience I was with a girlfriend, but two other people that I didn't really know (and that weren't suitable to be around people tripping) were in the room as well.

It had become too difficult to keep up with the conversation now, so we were both lying together not talking much.

Through misplaced words, the two others suggested we looked as if we were in comas - while playing inappropriate videos that I'd had to get them to switch off after it upset the girl with me.

We soon became convinced that we might have been in comas - that we were imagining what was happening on a hospital bed. What was very strange was that the two of us had an almost identical experience, it was as though we had become involved in a story together.

By now, another fairly new person had entered the room.

Eventually I stopped talking even to the girl with me and began to wonder if this was the end of my life - if the mushrooms or something else had actually put me in hospital and this was what it was like (living in a false world with memories or events I'd made up as I lay there).

When people would ask me things, I would wonder if these people were somehow symbols I had to follow to escape. I assumed there would be two of these, one was perhaps death (possibly a personification of the mushrooms) and the other someone at the hospital trying to wake me up.

This wasn't helped by the fact that I had only known some of these people for a short time, so it made it seem even more possible that they were characters I had invented. I tried to work out ways I could prove to myself which was real or which I should follow, but none of them worked.

I ended up having to go outside and ran barefoot onto a field in the rain to wake myself up in the cold. Which is the first time I've ever had to do something like that with a drug.

I attribute many, if not all, of the problems to the people around us at the time who weren't experienced with doing this kind of thing - I've never had a good experience in that kind of environment and should have really got them to leave first.

At some point I may retry Pantharinas to see what happens on my own - when I know I can fully appreciate the experience without it being distracted.

To me, there is no comparison between Amanita and Pantharina beyond their Muscaria link - the Amanitas I have never seen do anything, where the Pantharinas can in no way be termed subtle.
Mushrooms + San Pedro + LSD.
Smoking DMT on a 250 ug acid trip.
Salvia + DMT at once in two different pipes.
modafinil, adrafinil and related
fenethylline (aka "Captagon")
GHB (it's not difficult to find but I'm not really searching actually)
cannabis oil
pure delta-9-THC (aka "Dronabinol")
BZP (I know its bad reputation, but would be curious to try it only one time)
DPT (could have tried it already but the price was too high)
MDA, MDEA, MBDB, 3-desoxy-MDA,...
pure mescaline
chewing high quality fresh salvia leaves
chewing high quality fresh khat leaves
kava kava
peach a écrit :
sadhak a écrit :4.amanita muscaria
They'll do nothing to you. You want Amanita Pantherina, which'll blow your socks off.
Dunno about that one, mate. I ordered an oz of dried B grade amanita muscarias (not pantherina), eyeballed around 4-5 grams and mixed it in my clam chowder, nothing. Friend did the same and also felt nothing. So a few weeks later I was feeling reckless and mixed the rest of the batch (probably around 15-17 grams or so) with an entire jar of Cinnamon applesauce and ate it over a 15 minute period and I DEFINITELY felt it. It started as a sort of trippy drunkenness only for whatever reason nowhere near as enjoyable as actually being drunk, followed by insane fatigue, clumsiness, and very abrasive visual distortions. At one point I could see ten seconds into the future. So I'd see myself turning off a light and walking into a bathroom but I was actually just sitting on a couch and then ten seconds later I'd turn off a light and walk into the bathroom in the same manner that I had envisioned it. It was pretty uncomfortable and not all that interesting as it was happening. I can see why most people who've tried it are not fans, it puts you in a very indifferent frame of mind. For whatever reason I experienced no nausea whatsoever, which is unusual since they're known to cause extreme nausea. I don't doubt that pantheria will blow my socks off, but amanita muscarias certainly do something to you.

my top 10 drugs I want to try:

1. ayahuasca (B. caapi & M. hostilis)
2. 5-meo-dmt
3. mescaline
4. pure dxm powder
5. one of the solanaceae family plants (probably brugmansia)
6. ketamine
7. 2cb
8. 2ct7
9. hash
10. absinthe
I'd like to try:

1. Opium.

That's about it. For those of you who are interested in trying GHB, I can tell you that its just another GABAergic drug. Benzos, Alcohol, all very similar. The only peculiar thing about GHB is its ability to make one really enjoy music, but not in the same way pot does. Its hard to explain.
5-IAI (Unconfirmed)
You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
MDMA (never been able to get my hands on it !)
opium, to give it a try even though I've experienced much stronger already

+ maybe ALEPH 1, if I was given the chance.
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aMT - alpha-Methyltryptamine
?ET - alpha-Ethyltryptamine
1. 2c-b, i've been chasing this one for over 10 years Sad
2. 4-AcO-DMT
3. 4-AcO-MiPT or 4-HO-MiPT (not sure which)

that's all
Hi there community! This is my first post!

I've tried most of the drugs I want to try, but here goes:

1: 5-meo DMT
2: Changa
3: 2c-I (tried this but didn't take a high enough dose)
4: Bromo Dragonfly (got some of this, just need to wait for the right moment!)
5: 2c-b Fly

Like to try again?

1: DMT
2: Mushrooms
3: LSD
4: 2c-b
5: Opium
7: Mephedrone
8: Lorazepam
9: Theobromine (need to get some nice well made raw organic chocolate again, been far too long!)
10: THC (I've had a bowl about 2 hours ago and I could really do with another!)
(not in order)
San Pedro
1 )2c-i
2 )4-AcO-Mipt
3 )2c-d
4 )5-MeO-Mipt
5 )Mescaline

Et quand je serais vieux:

6 )LSD
7 )Heroïne
8 )Opium
9 )Coke base
10 )Crystal
Electric Sheep: 50% Lotus Bleu - 50% Calea. Ratio DMT / Enhanced leaf 1:1
Donkey Bird a écrit :And when I'll be old:

6 )LSD
7 )Heroïne
8 )Opium
9 )Coke base
10 )Crystal

Wtf does LSD have to do with heroin, opium, coke & meth? : |
Maybe it's as impressive as heroin or crystal, in his opinion. That wouldn't soud too silly, if only he wasn't feeling ready for mescaline and all :mrgreen:
"I've always considered writing the most hateful kind of work. I suspect it's a bit like fucking, which is only fun for amateurs. Old whores don't do much giggling." (H.S. Thompson)


Amanita... (Ya, it's shit, but the color is funny)
Datura... (It's even bigger shit... and very unlikely... too afraid for that),
Viagra... (Ye, I have to see that at least once in my life)

Hoo,.. and... ye ----> Pure Colombian snow


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