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220μg first time dose?

Hey guys alright so i'll be getting the goods soon, some 105μg stuff.
So my question is that I want your opinion on a 315μg dose.
I am experienced in MDMA, MDA, Ketamine, I have K-holed once before so seeing crazy shit wont be a problem.
I am just wondering if you guys think it might be a problem

I am going into this with confidence and knowledge that I may ego death, and I am comfortable with the fact that there will be some weird shit going on

all in all what are your guys opinions on this.
220 μg of LSD is already a fairly consistent dose if the product is quality. But if you do not have first user, you can try well accompanied.

315 μg, It's not the same music anymore. Be careful. It starts sending heavy
Supernaute de la Lyre

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