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deterioration of LSD
ive had 10tabs of 115ug lsd lying around for over 6 months, in a baggy, in a draw, generally kept shut.
will this have deteriorated? how much should i take for a good trip?
ive taken 5 before and that was excellent, so what do you think?
Hey, normally to conserve lsd tabs you have to put them in a fresh place without any air like a fridge. So i you oftenly wore your baggy under a pretty warm weather you probably have lost a big part of it, the best way to know is to try it :p
Hey is anyone on this site in canada?
It seems as though a lot are from other countries or even continents. The availabilty of this stuff seems way less accessible here.
Hi, i need help and maybe someone here can help me.

I had a bottle with 6 ml of LSD in drops. accidentally poured it on a paper carton (one box). how can I remove the lsd

that is in the paper, and then re-convert into a liquid for dosing in drops?
eat the paper Wink untill then keep it wrapped in foil in the freezer. it will keep for a long time
I kept some tabs in a dry cool space for about 2 months before I noticed a decrease in their effects.
I keep mine wrapped in foil in a few sandwich bags and in the freezer, it stays good for months!

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