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MDA trip report.
Okay… so it’s about 4:44 AM and although I feel ‘weird’ still, sleep is finally setting in and at least it seems like my eyes are closing. Let me preface this by saying that I haven’t really done much before. I’ve tripped on LSD twice, 2ce twice, and an occasional pot smoker, so when I met a guy (brother’s friend, very trustworthy) that had some MDA I decided to go for it. I honestly didn’t know much about MDA, so I read about it, and then tried it. This is my experience, and boy it was intense.

Preparation – Nothing much really, just ate a lot of dark chocolate the day before and ate 3 sausage mcmuffins 4 hours before starting. I’m 5’10 and 130 lbs.

3:00pm – text my friend J to come over to my place, J is going to trip sit me. I missed the party the night before but couldn’t wait until next weekend to try this stuff. Originally planned to have J trip with me but J tripped the night before at the party with another friend.

3:20pm – J gets here. I proceed to put the contents of the baggie of the MDA into a plastic spoon, and then use the spoon to throw all the good stuff in my mouth. Keep it under my tounge like LSD and let it dissolve, then swallow. It’s my first time, but I am overconfident based on my LSD and 2ce experiences and go with about 220mg of MDA… not knowing what was about to come

3:21- after taking the MDA J and I go to clean my bowl which was disgusting, now since the LSD was slow hitting and so was the 2ce, I was expecting this bad boy to take about an hour to settle in.

3:35 – Finish cleaning bowl, start packing a bowl for J (not for me), when suddenly

3:36 – HOLY SHIT IT’S FUCKING HITTING ME. These are the words that come out of my mouth as my hands turn into jello and I drop the bowl with all the weed inside of it. Suddenly, in about 10 seconds, the full force of the MDA hit me and it was the equivalent of getting run over by a train. Hit me harder than anything else I’ve ever consumed before. I dropped the bowl and fell back on the couch, black dots start appearing and growing on Js shirt, everything suddenly gets extremely bright. I hear myself talking to J, my voice is rising and lowering in volume, one moment it feels distant, the other very close, it’s telling him how it’s hitting me hard and he’s gonna have to pack the bowl himself because I am out. I close my eyes and see stuff resembling the itunes visualizer, but I feel restless, I can’t keep my eyes closed. I look at the clouds like I did with lsd and sure enough they are shifting and doing all sorts of crazy things, but again, I can’t focus on them… I am just too restless.

3:40-3:55 – I would call this portion of my experience the definite ‘bad trip’. My confidence about the other psychedelics went to shit immediately. It basically consisted of me rolling on the couch with my arms wrapped around me and my eyes closed. The visuals are insane at this point. I start getting really anxious and scared, start thinking about how I might have to go to the hospital as this is being BRUTAL intense. Start thinking about my family, classic shit trip scenario.

3:55pm – at this point I acknowledge to myself that I’m starting to have a bad trip. I focus and think to myself that I have to enjoy this, that what’s happening is just an intense trip.

3:56pm – Anddddd the bad trip ends! Suddenly, out of nowhere, all my problems, the anxiety, the fear, everything negative… dissolved. Bam just like that everything bad was gone and I was in a complete sense of euphoria. I felt like I loved the world and just had to talk to people, thank god J was there, even though J was stoned we had a good conversation and music sharing sesh

4:00pm - the most embarrassing part of the trip, and something that I debated even telling you guys. At 4pm I feel wetness for some reason. I was very surprised to find out that I had just pissed myself. This wasn’t out of fear, I was happy the whole time and full of energy, and don’t remember the exact moment when I pissed myself. My theory is that everything became too intense and my muscles relaxed too much or something… idk. Thank god J is 100% understanding and tells me not to worry that it’s chill. We open the windows and I go change. Surprisingly enough, as embarrassing as it was to piss myself in front of J, I wasn’t even a little bit phased out, I was still extremely happy and stuff, although I did apologize to J several times.

4 – 5pm – This was really sweet stuff from here on. My housemates came back at around 4 and were completely surprised of my state of being. They had never seen me or anyone rolling that hard before, and I could tell that they were scared. One of them was looking up MDA overdose symptoms or something. However I didn’t freak out or anything, I was just too happy.
Eye jitters were INTENSE. So many of them, my eyes could not stand still, either extremely fast blinking or eyes going all over the place, it was weird.
It’s hard to talk because my jaw just keeps moving up and down really fast and my teeth keep hitting each other. As if I was freezing kind of.
I’m hugging a huge bean bag and just touching it a lot. My hands can’t be in more than one spot for longer than 2 seconds. The texture feels great, I grab all the stuff from my room to feel it haha.
Also rocking back and forth a lot, I just cant be still.

5 pm 6pm –starts raining and I go stand in the rain for a good 5 minutes. Literally feel every drop hitting me, it feels like all those raindrops are the only things that are up to speed with my mind, and being out there makes me very relaxed, and actually marks the coming down phase. Feeling the rain was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had.

6pm 7pm – After coming inside from the rain I sit on the couch and start mellowing down. I’m still extremely talkative and feel euphoric still but the eye jitters and mouth stuff have significantly decreased, also my hands aren’t moving so much around my bean bag. At like 7:30 or who knows what time I take a beer and 2 hits of a bowl, my body has completely calmed down. Colors are still really bright and I’m getting light hallucinations like the breathing effect and the keys on my phone shifting around. Just watched more tv and talked to more friends.

Then I cleaned up my room and here I am… Still feel weird and out of it, but I am expecting it to be this way while my body and mind recover from that intense stuff, guess gonna have to stay sober for now (or maybe some pot will helpJ )
Too strong for me i always get carried away. its a heavy hitters toy in my opinion
I reckon half the dose would have been fine hehe Tongue. How would you compare it to 2ce, can you compare, your mda dose being as big as it was ?

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