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My dxm addiction story
Fucking pathetic really. But regardless of what you think. Dxm addiction will take you on far more adventures than most other drugs.. Ive been clean for awhile now due to school starting but Jesus. Heres the story. So one night me and a friend chug cough syrup to get high. Unable to walk. COOL MAN! So then we do it again... And again.. and again.. he quits because he's a pussy. Not for that. He's a pussy for other reasons. I keep going. Kinda stop doing it. then me and 3 friends learn of the benefits of stealing :p We stole at least.. Jesus.. Over 500 bottles of delsym over the past year. consumed them all. I took the time to extract like.. 4 of them haha! We became straight ROBOTRIPPERS. I did the shit EVERY DAY. Now its not like other drugs. The longer you do the stuff.. The more your tolerance goes DOWN. I mean for a prolonged amount of time. It builds onto itself. If you do it every day its something called sigma dosing. And you will basically go into oblivion.

My rooms now covered in grape stains, orange stains. My livers probably the size of manhatten in swelling. My sex drives basically gone. Which helps me in the wrong run because Ive been paying more attention to the emotional parts of my relationships rather the physical parts. Girls like that. They don't like my junkie ways. Rolleyes

Its taught me a lot. I've been addicted to other drugs, its nothing like what dxm has done. I've been in the depths of heroin addiction which is terrible.. Granted.. It was much much harder to quit than dxm. But just the fact that after about 4 days of dxm binging, is about 4 times more intense than any amphetamine psychosis.. Jesus it brings you to your knees. At one point I could not see. My entire room was a highway. a one way highway going through all the rooms. I was literally in a different dimension. Its what my brain perceived as the fourth dimension. Nothing outside the highway. Just street lights, that trailed and trailed into hypnotic images of god knows what. I was off the walls. You look at yourself in the mirror and see a creature. Not a pretty creature. A terrifying creature that yo dare not call yourself. If you could remember your own name.

Your friends break into your house just too see if your home because your phone is non existent to you. they bring you to the hospital. Nurses doctors.. They understand but your nothing to them. You try to escape. Rip around until all your cloths come off. You don't care about being in the nude. Because whats nude anyways right?

Anyways, thats dxm addiction for you, thats my story. All of which has happened to me. if you want my advice. Do dxm. Don't do what I did. But the drug has hidden treasures that should be respected as any psychedelic/dissociative. Ever k-holed for 4 days? I have. Although it wouldn't technically be called k - hole. Thats what its like. Be careful!
Mirrors are a very interesting thing,
They always remind you that you are a living being Smile

Haha that rhyme is so gay.. I made it when I was blown, sorry.. But who cares.. It is cute I guess.. So it stays!!
I've been dabbling with ketamine and nitrous these days, and I can definitely see people (i.e. me) getting addicted to it. it's weird, since it's quite psychedelic as well.

sounds gruesome what you've been through, hope you are well nanosage, take care of yourself.
Yeah, be careful with the ketamine.. Nitrus is just.. Fun hehe :p Still I can see how your brain would become your username after going crazy with nitrus.. but ketamine is completely addictive and crazy, the only thing is that it costs a lot. The best connect Ive ever gotten for it was 10 dollars every 100mg.. or ten a tenth kinda thing.. And with a 2-3 hour trip, chain snorting the stuff would just be expensive! See the problem with dxm is its free.. I mean I never bought a single bit of it. The fact that I can go up to walgreens and get this crazy shit for free whenever I want.. I mean.. just fucking legalize weed god dammit ya know?
Mirrors are a very interesting thing,
They always remind you that you are a living being Smile

Haha that rhyme is so gay.. I made it when I was blown, sorry.. But who cares.. It is cute I guess.. So it stays!!
thanks for information....

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You did dxm everyday? It's just so exhausting, love it but every time I did it I have a horrible diarrhea I couldn't even sleep haha

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